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About The Gila Project

The Gila project for Trans Empowerment grew in 2010 out of and for the trans community.

We are a non-profit organization that works to change the reality of life for members of the trans community in Israel. We emphasize personal empowerment, community building, claiming rights and demanding access to resources and opportunities.

The Gila project works so that we can all live and express our gender identity, regardless of our financial situation, health, origin or religion, and seeks to protect the members of the trans community in Israel from harassment, discrimination and violence. We work both in individual assistance to community members and in promoting broad social change in institutions and authorities.

Our work crosses organizations and frameworks and aims to build and strengthen a loving and empowering human fabric both in the trans* community and among the professional women who accompany it. Our areas of activity include promoting health in the community and making health services accessible, escorting the exercise of rights, legal advice, training of female professionals, development of torturers and policy change work.

Gila sees the trans community as one human chain and believes that the community's strength and durability are measured by the weakest links in the chain. Therefore, we offer solutions first of all to the problems of the most vulnerable parts of the community and work to strengthen them. At the same time, we are aware that gender oppression is not the only oppression applied to community members, and we recognize the complexities and difficulties of those of us who suffer from different types of oppression at the same time.





What We Do
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Trans-Dula Project

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Policy Change

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Maayan Project

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Media Visibility

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Trans Training

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Trans Health

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The Trans Center

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Community Activism

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