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לוגו פרויקט גילה להעצמה טרנסית

Learn about the Trans Community,
from the Trans Community


: Join the leading organizations that work with us

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We are the central knowledge base of the transgender community, and for a decade we have been sharing it with organizations, departments, teams, and private bodies. Now is your chance to learn and get tools from the source.

For whom the trainings intended for?

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Work Desk

Let's be more inclusive employers and make your business a more supportive, positive, and welcoming workplace.

Workplace and organizational training helps to promote transgender employment and create a more inclusive and equitable workplace. A more inclusive workplace is a more welcoming workplace.
In our training, we work to help workplaces deepen their understanding of the issue, create an inclusive, accepting, and respectful organizational culture, through training that provides knowledge and allows for open and non-judgmental dialogue.

In the training, we will touch on the barriers and challenges faced by transgender people in the recruitment process and in integrating into workplaces, and we will discuss what steps can be taken to improve the service and work environment to make it more suitable for a more diverse audience.

Department of Social Services

the municipality of Herzeliya

The conversation with the facilitator allowed us to observe the trans experience and learn more about how receiving service in so many areas can be very complex for women on the trans spectrum. The instructor's personal participation in various topics was very significant and instructive."

Yizhar program

Tel Aviv

The training was very important for our program and delivered amazingly. The facilitator managed to create an open and pleasant space where the team members felt safe to ask any question that concerned them . Also, the content of the training was interesting and delivered in an interesting and attractive way."

Clalit Health Services

North District

Many thanks for an exciting and educational lecture! With its help, we can provide services for the community in a sensitive and adapted way. I got to know new concepts about gender identity, adjustment processes, sensitivities and challenges. The moderator was eloquent, open, kind and pleasant. In my opinion, this is a study day that must be passed on to all medical teams.'

School of social work

Tel Aviv University

It was amazing! The lecture was interesting, enriching, and made it possible to connect and dare to get to know each other. The facilitator updated me from her point of view in an amazing way, and conveyed information in a clear, sensitive, and matter-of-fact manner. She created a positive and cooperative atmosphere that made it possible to ask questions without judgment . I wish all faculties were trained like this!'

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Phone: 054-951-7128
Mordechai Anilevich 62, Tel Aviv

Gila Project

for Trans Empowerment

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