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Trainings for Healthcare Teams

The purpose of the training is to generate real change in the minds and hearts of healthcare professionals and eradicate prejudice and misconception regarding transgender individuals. We aim to provide a real understanding of the lives, challenges, needs and barriers trans people face when coming into contact with the healthcare system. We also provide information regarding the existing channels through which trans people need to go in order to receive adequate treatment within the medical and welfare systems.

Through this training we also aim to form alliances with healthcare professionals, so they can later become a contact point in their institutions and assist in knowledge sharing on the trans experience within their professional settings. 

Throughtout the training we provide pamphlets with explanations on how to offer appropriate treatment to transgender patients, as well as postcards with the details of the organizations that provide aid to the trans community. “Safe space” stickers are also given to participants to place at their clinics. This is to provide a sense of security to LGBTQ patients, but also  to raise awareness among staff and the general public about the  proper treatment of marginalized communities of all kinds.

The training is designed for medical staff, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, welfare teams, administrative teams and medical and welfare students.

The trainings are held by Nina Halevy, who is part of the Gila project and is also the public representative to the Ministry of Health’s National Committee for the Approval of Gender Reassignment Procedures, and by Leeoz levy, a trans-queer activist, a writer and an artist who is well-informed about the life of our community over the years, and also acompanies women before and after undertaking surgery.

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